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How we Operate 

IRRC team members are First-Aid, CPR certified.  We are NOT medical providers.  We have very diverse crew, all with backgrounds that bring valuable skill set to the team.  IRRC has the means to coordinate and facilitate search, rescue and recovery operations as well as aid in the transport of OHV participants back to their camp. What makes IRRC stand out from other groups is our off-road logistical capabilities.  For all OHV posts, IRRC brings an Incident Command trailer, several 4x4 vehicles along with a host of rapid-response teams on dirt bikes, quads and utv's.  All personnel carry professional radio equipment, and many are GPS-equipped.  This equipment is supplemented by the off-road experience of our team members both required to safely and quickly traverse the harsh desert and mountain terrain.  Most members have extensive experience exploring the Southern California deserts, and know the terrain well.  The combination of our equipment and experience enables us to search for, and rescue, OHV participants in some cases much quicker than other agencies and responders.  We can then help coordinate the transfer of injured OHV rider to medical facilities, by ground ambulance or airship, as needed.

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